The coastal region of “Sudoeste Alentejano” and “Vicentina” Coast is one of the best preserved and least disturbed coastal areas in southern Europe.
This coast is characterised by the high cliffs and deep ravines, small beaches, streams and temporary water lines, estuaries and respective salt marshes, which host a great diversity of habitats. This complexity of landscapes and habitats extends to the marine domain, allowing the refuge of many species.
Reflecting the rocky nature of the coastline, the PNSACV's marine area is particularly distinguished by its rocky seafloors, composed of intricate reefs covered with life and submerged and semi-submerged caves. Alternating with extensive sandbanks, these reefs create very dynamic mosaics of underwater landscapes.


Marine habitats mapping. Information obtained through a survey carried out by the Hydrographic Institute during 2018.
Legend: sandy substrate rocky substrate