Protection Areas

In 2011, different protection levels were implemented in different areas of the marine park of the “Sudoeste Alentejano” and “Vicentina” Coast:









 areas of total protection, where human presence is very limited. These areas consist of 100 m zones surrounding several isolated rocks (“Pedra do Burrinho”, “Pedra da Atalaia”, rocks adjacent to Pessegueiro Island, “Pedra da Enseada do Santoleiro”, “Pedra da Baía da Nau”, Pedra da Carraca”, “Pedra da Agulha”, “Pedra das Gaivotas” and “Pedra do Gigante”).

 partial protection areas, where several human activities, such as fishing, are prohibited, except the commercial harvesting of stalked barnacles in mainland. These are type I partial protection areas, located in areas surrounding Pessegueiro Island, Cape Sardão, coast of Rogil, and the Islets of Martinhal.

 complementary protection areas, subject to less restrictions compared to total and partial protection areas, and where different human activities are allowed.

Plano de Ordenamento do PNSACV